Announcing Our Upcoming Project

The Premise

  • January 30, three high school students were pronounced dead in their own homes. Their lives were cut short by suicide.
  • There are no connections between the victims other than they attended the same high school.
  • Was such a coincidence even possible? Or was this a mastermind murder?

Police investigators have already confirmed that all three deaths were due to suicide, but what will you - the player conclude?

Join us in our upcoming game 'Fragment Minds,' a psychological thriller visual novel set in the dark and beautiful winter. Play as two characters: an intelligent high school student named Ari, and an experienced private detective Simon Hayes.

Our ultra-talented team includes:

Composer: Beatsonic Music

Character Designer: EccoPink

Background Artist: Bogdan mB0sco

UI Designer: TBA

Writer / Programmer: Winston Nguyen


Our goal is to bring the enjoyment of visual novels to a wide array of audiences - particularly to those who've never read a visual novel before.

We truly believe visual novels can appeal to everybody under the right circumstances and want to show everyone what a great medium visual novels are!

We plan on achieving this by intertwining gameplay elements (RPG, investigative, strategy etc.) into visual novel storytelling. This will result in a story-driven game that's fun to play rather than feeling like a book.

Our engine is Game Maker, so we have the freedom to include tonnes of mini-games in there.

I will post our lovely art and music soon - so stay tuned!

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